Vidal Baboon

What is Vidal Baboon, and it can it be destroyed?

Only the coolest, evilest super-science could be responsible for unleashing such a hideous musical creation on an unsuspecting world. The perfect melding of rock’n’roll, famous monsters and 3 chord punk into such a devastating combination could not have been a naturally occurring phenomenon; Such a potent weapon can exist for only one truly diabolical reason… To conquer the world with comedy horror punk.

Whether you’re a ravenous zombie, a bloodthirsty vampire or a hideous atomic monster – you can rest assured that the mighty Baboon has the perfect musical accompaniment to your slaughter of mankind. High speed, high action, 4 on the floor face melters with guaranteed results.


Evil S. Hetfield

Whoas – Ooohs – Ahhs

Undead. Evil. Elvis. There’s not a great deal more to say about the undisputed King of Rot’n’Roll. Clearly the years of being in the grave haven’t been too kind, and living on a diet of deep fried peanut butter and southern fried brain sandwiches has evidentially taken its toll. Luckily the voodoo ritual that enabled the stealing of James Hetfield’s voice box was godsend and now the King is back, although the pelvis is more than a little stiff.

Evil exclusively uses – Shure Microphones, Lard and The brains of the living

Evil S Hetfield


Frankie V Jackson

Guitars – Groans – Electrostatic Discharge

A monster by any definition of the word, Frankie was created from the freshly gathered body parts of the greatest guitarists that have ever lived. Regrettably none of their brains were in a fit chemical state for transplant. Obviously, with their diabolical plan hitting a major stumbling block, his creators had to resort to installing some power tubes and a few choice parts from the Marshall service catalog to complete their evil work. The operation was mostly a success, mostly. Well despite that whole killing his creators with the deadliest solos known to man thing.

Frankie exclusively uses – Jackson Guitars, EMG Pickups, Marshall Amps and 5,000,000 Volts

Frankie V Jackson



Drums – Howls – Gypsy Curses

Whilst on a cultural exchange trip to Romania, a nameless drummer was savagely attacked by what the locals called a ‘VereVolf’. The attacking creature escaped into some suitably misty, foggy, evil looking woods and the poor drummer was taken to the local village for medical assistance. That very night a full moon brought about a hideous change, and that poor drummer became a feral drummer of evil – Beastman. But wouldn’t you know it, immediately after the transformation was complete the wind changed… and he was stuck like it! Who knew that mum’s everywhere were right?

Beastman exclusive uses – Broken Tama Drums, Broken Paiste Cymbals, Broken bits of wood and Pedigree Doggy Chew-Chews



Peaches Friday

Bass Guitar – Holiday Camp Slaughters – Kittens

As the name implies, the big mute is the cuddly one of the group. Wielding his bass like a machete, he stomps around the metaphorical lake of horror punk bludgeoning allegorical drunken teenagers to death with his morally righteous subsonic blasts of wrath. Despite his perpetual silence he knows all the words and if eyes could talk his would be screaming the choruses loud enough to make your heads explode.

Peaches exclusively uses – B.C. Rich guitars, Rotosound Strings, Laney Amps and Voorhees brand Machetes

Peaches Friday

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