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He’s an evil you don’t know!

Just in time for Halloween, we have a visit from a special person. The Doctor will see you now…
The Evil Dr Pomax

Get the whole story behind the song in Releases – The Evil Dr Pomax

More Awesome Punkyness!

Yeah I know we suck for not bringing you the latest in terribly awesome comedy horror punk but in the mean time you need to get your ass down to Southsea next month for this years Southsea Fest, there will be lots of fantastic bands playing, especially upstairs in the Wine Vaults where the fantastic […]

Punky Awesomeness

Its a little quiet around the Baboon cage at the moment, so why not take some time to enjoy some videos of the finest UK punk bands from KFest 2010. What a great weekend of music!

Doing the do!

Today we are releasing the first of hopefully many small articles on how we make the nonsense that you see and hear on here. The Making Of… section on the right will contain NEVER BEFORE SEEN pictures, audio and video of your classic Baboon’ tracks.
See BEASTMAN like you’ve never see him before! Are you […]

There’s a Beastman on the rise!

WHOA! It’s a new year, so how about a new version of an old song? Unleash the Beastman!
Bad Moon Rising

Get the whole story behind the song in Releases – Bad Moon Rising

Happy New Year!

…and some old news!
Check out ‘The Old Punk Podcast‘!  By his own admission Capt. Dungheap only plays killer music, which for his Xmas compilation features a group of talentless monkeys not a million miles from here with their Xmas “smash” – Rotting Around The Xmas Tree.
Don’t worry though there’s plenty of other great bands in […]

Festering Cheer!

Screams of cheer and dismemberment in the air! Happy Christmas!
Rotting Around The Christmas Tree

Get the whole story behind the song in Releases – Rotting Around The Christmas Tree

Whoa whoa a-wha-wha-wha whoaaaa

Can you count the whoa’s? We’re heading for a record this time!
Strange Little Ghoul

Get the whole story behind the song in Releases – Strange Little Ghoul

Somethings off…

Whhooooaaa It’s Halloween! Everybody is here but your face!
The Face That Wasn’t There

Get the whole story behind the song in Releases – The Face That Wasn’t There

All just a big misunderstanding…

Ohhh little Maria, don’t play with the undead. What did you think was going to happen?
Burn Frankenstein Burn
Get the whole story behind the song in Releases – Burn Frankenstein Burn
—————————————————————————————————————————————-*Update* You can now listen to our special brew of madness on Last.Fm and MySpace (once it finishes updating)—————————————————————————————————————————————-

What to do on a Saturday Night?

Friday the 13th is upon us again and after letting the last one escape so easily so we cracked out a cover of that classic Misfits song (no, not Last Caress) and run around a forest for a laugh.
Saturday Night
Get the whole story behind the cover in Releases – Saturday Night

The Atomic Vampire Moth

Like a low budget second rate crossmojonation of Godzilla and Them! only without the giant lizard or the ants. The Atomic Vampire Moth will astound and horrify you. Scream in abject horror at Man’s epic battle against Nature itself! Go mad with panic at the fury of the Atom Age unleasehed! Wince at the awful […]