Two Hits From Hell!!

Argh! Panic! It’s changed and different and stuff. It’s true, the ‘Baboon’ as you knew it is gone… back! We’re returning to our roots and bringing you the Comedy Horror Punk that all two of you love, so what about the rest of it? well that will be making itself known in due time and while you are hanging on the edge of your seats for that, put the kettle on and feel the revamped ‘Baboon’ in action with our latest hellacious attempts, the dreadful double, the disguisting duo.. The Two Hits From HELL!


Zombies From Mars!


In The Aftermath!

Weekend Sessions 18/08/07

A smooooooooth cover of The Misfits classic “Die, Die My Darling”, why not?

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Fight Song

What do you get if you write, play and record a song in less than 10 minutes? A fried slice of punk-flavoured awesome is what. Get your fight on!

Zombies in Love!

The first official release… a timeless classic!

The Baboons are out of the cage!

Well well well, the Baboons have broken free and are invading your internets. Stay tuned for some serious rocking. There is only one Vidal Baboon…. thankfully