Zombies In Love




Originally written in Frankie’s bedroom one fateful Saturday for a laugh after one too many poor attempts at covering Misfits songs, ended up shaping the direction of Vidal Baboon as we know it today. Armed with an electric drum kit, two overly powerful guitar amps and a few beers; Peaches and Frankie managed to get the outline of a song up and going with only 2 draw backs. No lyrics and no singer.

Undeterred by these crucial issues, they soldiered on through tears of laughter and Zombies in Love was born. Complete with bad drumming and mistakes the song was recorded and heavily bodged together with the mantra of fixing it in ‘the dub’, which still holds true today. The song was a massive hit with all 3 people they showed it to that night at the pub.

After a while a new version popped up complete with a painfully cheesy solo and an added verse. After this it was decided that this would be the debut video for Vidal Baboon.


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I gave my right arm just to be with you
Saturday night, drive in, just for two
Monster movies may suck But the food is good.
I don’t have fingers so I can’t count the ways
I love you.

Let me brush back your hair
So I see your cloudy eye
If I had a face I would cry.
The irony is, We both died side by side,
Together forever until the day that we die..

I took your hand and I gave you my heart
Two shambling as one
Together, never to part
That time at the church
When we heard the last rites
Over the fall of mankind I declared my undying love…
For you

I took you out for meal
Some Italian cuisine
Mario’s is the place
And the service’s supreme
We dined on liver, on lungs and his spleen
I’m your decaying king, and you’ll always be my rotten

Zombies in Love
Zombies in love
Zombies in love


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