Bad Moon Rising (The Video)

The Bad Moon Rising Video was shot on location in various places around the Baboon’s local town Portsmouth. We needed a few varied scenes for the background in this one to keep the gag going, so we decided to film Beastman running around some local landmarks instead of resorting to green screening or some old footage from a classic film.

First step was to head to the joke shop to buy a comedy large plastic bone. Without this crucial prop the whole video would have been ruined, luckily we managed to stump up the £2.50 for the bone out of our own beer fund and the weekend was saved.

Beastman and Evil Elvis then put on their finest Sunday best and we headed out to our first destination: Southsea Sea Front!

Southsea BeachBeastman at the Beach

Sending the local beach goers into a wild panic, we set up shop on the beach and got to work. Beastman channeled his most basic of primal urges and ran about on the pebbly beach reenacting his early youth of chasing terrified people around town.

After running down to the sea front for a quick nosey, it was a dust off and back in the car towards the next destination: The D-Day Museum!

D-Day MuseumTanks!

Here we scared more locals while Beastman jumped out from behind tanks and ran around the gardens outside the museum. It took a bit of effort but we managed to coax Beastman off the tanks and various historic monuments and back into the cage in the back of the car as we headed off to the next location: Portchester Castle!

Portchester CastlePortchester Castle

The Castle was a great location, lots of good places for Beastman to run free and more people to scare as the local Church goers would quickly find out. Thankfully it’s not every day that you see a ravenous Beastman running around like a… well.. ravenous Beastman.

Beastman on LocationHowling at the city!

After howling at the city for a bit, we again managed to coax him back into the cage for safe transport with his favourate squeezy toy, all in good time as well as our final destination would be the return to a familiar place. The Forest of Bere!

Forest of BereThat's not your bone!

A familiar place indeed, this site has been known to be a stomping ground for masked machete welding monsters such as our very own cuddly slasher Peaches. Luckily Peaches managed to resist his urge to butcher the locals and we managed to let Beastman run around the woods a bit. With video all wrapped up we decided to leave Beastman to his own devices for the rest of the weekend and we headed back to edit up the video into something presentable.

Nom Nom Nom

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